Sustainable Travel

Using your car less, where possible using alternatives like walking, cycling and public transport benefits air quality. South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive and the 4 local authorities are working closely to achieve better quality public transport for all.

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The South Yorkshire Passenger Transport web site gives you all the information you could want on public transport in South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive are partners in the Care4Air campaign.

SYPTE identifies the travel needs of the people of South Yorkshire and meets those needs by promoting the best possible systems of public transport within the financial and other resources available.

SYPTE therefore:

  • promotes the maximum use of public transport;
  • encourages growth of the public transport network:
  • funds indispensable services which are not provided on a commercial basis;
  • and plans future developments in public transport.

SYPTE is also responsible for:

  • the strategic planning of public transport in South Yorkshire;
  • developing new products and services aimed at improving the network;
  • and, through subsidiary companies, the operation of Supertram.

The South Yorkshire Local Transport Plan

View the current documents here

The Local Transport Plan has been developed by the Transport Executive, the Transport Authority and the four district councils to provide a transport strategy that is integrated into the wider vision for South Yorkshire. It is a five-year programme and will seek to integrate with various other initiatives to promote a step change in the development of South Yorkshire’s social and economic base.

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