Motorists can contribute to improving air quality, and save money on fuel costs, by using eco-driving techniques.

5 Easy Eco-driving tips

Where it is safe and legal to do so,

  1. Maintain a steady speed, using the highest gear possible to keep your engine working at its most efficient.
  2. Shift into a higher gear as soon as possible; between 2000rpm and 2500rpm.
  3. Accelerate smoothly and decelerate smoothly by taking your foot off the accelerator, leaving the car in gear. Modern engines don’t use fuel under these conditions
  4. Anticipating traffic flow to avoid unnecessary gear changes
  5. Switch off the engine at short stop (less than one minute)

Eco-driving Benefits

  1. Save money on fuel – Eco-Driving fuel costs are typically 10% lower.
  2. Reduce vehicle maintenance costs.
  3. Reduce local air pollution.
  4. Reduce your impact on Climate Change.

If your vehicle is not equipped with a revcounter, use your speed as a guide to gearchanging:

  1. 1st gear: to set off
  2. 2nd gear: up to 15 mph
  3. 3rd gear: 15 – 25 mph
  4. 4th gear: 25 – 30 mph
  5. 5th gear: 30 mph+


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