Dr Ian Mudway

Dr Mudway is a Lecturer in Respiratory Toxicology at the Environmental Research Group, Kings College London. His research focus is on lung response to gaseous and particulate pollutants particularly those generated by road transport. He has published over 60 papers in relation to this subject. The current focus of his research concentrates on the impact of chronic exposure to these pollutants on children’s respiratory health. Dr Mudway will speak on his latest research in a way that is communicated well to those outside of his profession and also outside of the air quality community.

Cleaner Future Sheffield – Ian Mudway

Clare Nasir

Clare Nasir is a meteorologist who has worked in science, environment and weather for 20 years. She was a forecaster for the Met Office for 8 years before becoming the weather anchor on GMTV in 2000. Clare is an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, an advocate for the nuclear energy industry, and ambassador for the Healthy Air Campaign.

Clare Nasir Care4Air 2015

Jim Chappell

Jim Chappell is a specialist transport and logistics consultant with a strong track record in the management and delivery of efficiency and environmental focused programmes and projects. His experience is built upon a solid foundation of transport and supply chain operational management in both the public and private sectors. Jim has managed a number of programmes and projects that include fuel management, driver training, and the delivery of best practice guidance. Jim is Programme Manager of the ECO Stars (Efficient Cleaner Operations) Fleet Recognition Scheme, an environmental and efficiency based programme, which provides commercial vehicle fleet operators with an operational fuel management assessment and action plan based on industry best practice.

ECO Stars_C4A

Gavin Thomson

Gavin Thomson leads the Healthy Air Campaign – a coalition of health, transport and environment charities pushing for action on air pollution. He is based at ClientEarth and has successfully campaigned on a wide number of issues.

Gavin Thomson Care4Air presentation

Charles Purkess

Charles joined ITM in November 2008, as Marketing and PR officer to raise the profile of ITM Power and its technology, highlighting its application for decarbonising transport and the built environment, to policy makers, industry and the media. Prior to joining Charles spent 12 years in environmental consultancy specialising in environmental liability associated with hydrocarbons for the insurance, transport and fuel sectors.

Clearer Future, Care for Air, sheffield 25 March15

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