Interest in Care4air continues!

We have been delighted to find out that our website site has been a useful resource of information across the World!!!  We have received two very complimentary emails from America, praising the website for its content and both asked if we could add links to our websites that they also found as a useful resource. 

The first email came from Enriching Kids, an educational non-profit organisation.  Together with their Earth Science Tutor, the students have been researching the responsibilities of keeping the earth clean.  They thought that we had a nice site and wanted to share another with us.  The webpage provides useful information about the benefits of recycling, how to and the environmental impact if we don’t. 

The second email came from Seattle’s Summer Science Camp.  The students wanted to pass on their thanks for our helpful website during their ‘Going Green’ week at camp.  They also wanted to suggest another useful website, which is an article called ‘Getting Clean by Going Green’.  The article provides a huge variety of links to various resources, for instance green cleaning supplies, solar panels and green lessons and activities. 

Receiving emails such as these is a great encouragement to us and we just wanted to take this opportunity to thank them for their interest in our site and our work.  We shall continue to ensure that we provide an informative website. 

We love to hear from you so please get in touch if you have any comments!

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