Air pollution is a major public health issue. Making air quality better will lead to a healthier population and make Doncaster a more attractive place to live, work and visit.

Under the Environment Act 1995, Doncaster Council is responsible for reviewing and assessing its local air quality. The council does this through Local Air Quality Management.

This means that any area that does not meet the aims set under the Air Quality Regulations will be identified and become an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA).

As of April 2012, five AQMAs, have been highlighted in Doncaster. All are for nitrogen dioxide pollution caused by road transport emissions.

The local authority must produce actions that work towards improving air quality in the AQMAs and prevent other areas breaching the limits.

Detailed actions for the AQMAs can all be found in Doncaster Council’s air quality action plan.

Daily levels are made available in Doncaster Monday to Friday each morning via the local radio station, on the council website and on Twitter. It is also an aim to spread the message to young people and we have been into schools and set up a young persons’ website to help with this.

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