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Five Star Members

36635 stars

3663 is a national food supplier, serving South Yorkshire with a fleet of 50 vehicles based at its Nottingham depot. It has been awarded a Five Star rating.

Archbold Logistics Ltd5 Stars

Archbold Logistics Ltd

Barnsley's Director of Public Health, Elizabeth Shassere, presents the 5 star award to Archbold Logistics Chief Executive, Xavier Archbold

Archbold Logistics Ltd have joined 87 vehicles up to the ECO Stars Scheme and have received the maximum five star rating. Archbold Logistics Ltd, the UK-wide provider of transport, warehousing and logistics to business, was established in 1918 and has always been a forward looking organisation.

They endeavour to provide ever more efficient and cost effective logistic solutions and over the past few years reducing their carbon emissions and being more fuel-efficient has become increasingly important to them.

To maximise fuel efficiency and keep emissions as low as possible, they cut mileage at a planning level. They also employ a driver trainer who ensures all drivers are operating in the most fuel-efficient way possible.

Xavier Archbold, Chief Executive at Archbold Logistics, said: “We are incredibly proud to become a five star member from the off. We have always worked hard to perform well environmentally and now, using the ECO Stars benchmarks, we can see that we have met or exceeded more criteria. The most single most important measure put in place to reduce our carbon footprint has been the dedicated driver trainer, Darren Whitehead. His focus has helped further reduce our carbon footprint this year.”

Asda5 stars

Founded in the 1960s Asda is one of the UK's leading retailers with 545 stores across the country , including 27 Asda Living Stores, 23 depots and eight recycling centres. With its main home office in Leeds and George clothing division based in Leicestershire, Asda serves over 18 million shoppers a week in store. With such a large operation it’s easy to rack up the road miles and Asda has been working hard in its commitment to reduce its carbon footprint, from energy saving buildings and increased recycling to its investment in fleet management.

Asda serves South Yorkshire with 79 vehicles based at its Wakefield depot. Asda has been awarded a Five Star rating from the ECO Stars scheme in recognition of existing best practice from local depot operations to significant investment in new technologies; newer, cleaner vehicles and a commitment to fewer, cheaper miles, resulting in 17 million fewer food miles since 2005 and reducing carbon emissions by 42%. The ECO Stars team was impressed by the investment to support better fuel management, improve driver skills development and vehicle specification/maintenance.

National Transport Manager, Chris Hall, said: “Our five star rating is a true reflection of the commitment and investment we have made towards becoming a leaner, greener and more efficient operator, both as a logistics provider and across the whole business. Our drivers and colleagues have a real passion for their work and we our proud of their driving record. Our next step is to continue the training and develop of the 2,700 drivers across the network, to ensure their continuous learning & development. Couple this with our investment in new fleet technology & we remain firmly on-track to achieve our corporate target of reducing fleet emissions by 50% by 2015"

Berneslai Homes5 Stars

Berneslai Homes

Berneslai Homes signed up to the ECO Stars Scheme and received the maximum five star rating. They signed up 148 vehicles in total comprising both Large Goods Vehicles (LGVs) and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), including vans and tippers. To reach the maximum star rating from the very beginning, Berneslai Homes had fully robust fleet management policies and procedures in place, covering all key aspects of the operation. These included fuel management, driver skills development, vehicles specification and maintenance, use of IT, performance monitoring and setting targets to progress to higher efficiency.

Lee Blake, Transport & Depot Manager of Berneslai Homes, comments: “Our fleet is comparatively new, comprising of modern vehicles with cleaner engine technology. We have also adopted a strategic vehicle replacement programme, with the emphasis firmly on smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles. We are incredibly happy to have received the top five star rating and it serves to demonstrate that following strict policies and covering all aspects of operation, the fleet is working as efficiently as possible. This great achievement will push us further to keep working harder to come up with new, forward thinking ideas to lower all types of emissions from our fleet.”

Boots Plc5 Stars


Alliance Boots joined ECO Stars in September 2012 achieving a Five Star rating straightaway.

Alex Gourlay, Chief Executive of the Health & Beauty Division said, "Actively caring about the environment and the responsible use of resources is integral to the way we've been helping to improve the health of our customers and local communities for over 160 years. We're absolutely delighted to have achieved a Five Star rating in the ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme, confirming our belief that a healthy environment is good for business."

Clipper Logistics Group5 Stars

Clipper Logistics Group

Clipper Logistics Group, a leading independent logistics company based near Rotherham, was the first company to sign up to the scheme back in January 2009. Initially receiving a four star rating, ECO Stars produced a bespoke best practice road map with suggestions on how they could improve their performance. This included measures to reduce idling, improving driver incentive schemes and expansion of their key performance indicators. Clipper Logistics Group completed these measures in just five months and in doing so reached the maximum five star rating.

Tony Mannix, Managing Director of Clipper, comments: "Clipper's role as an ambassador for the scheme is an important one and we look forward to many more organisations joining us. The ECO Stars initiative is a great opportunity for Yorkshire fleets to review their environmental efficiency and improve their green credentials as well as boosting their business performance."

Dairy Crest5 Stars

Dairy Crest

Dairy Crest joined ECO Stars scheme in September 2010 and was awarded the maximum Five Star rating for its fleet of 54 vehicles which serve the South Yorkshire area. Efficient production and distribution is vital to ensure the smooth running of Dairy Crest's integrated foods and dairies businesses and the company has invested significantly to ensure best use of resources.

Dave Wilson, Dairy Crest's Transport Compliance Manager said, "We are very pleased to receive the Five Star rating for our fleet of Euro V vehicles. Being awarded the highest rating recognises our investment and commitment to the standard of vehicles and operational efficiency. We are proud to be part of the ECO Stars scheme."

DHL - B&Q Distribution Contract5 stars

Home improvement retailer B&Q in partnership with DHL are the 50th member of the South Yorkshire ECO Stars scheme and have been awarded the highest Five Star rating. Logistics specialists DHL manages the fleet operations of B&Q's distribution centres in Doncaster and Worksop serving stores across South Yorkshire as well as the North East and the East of England. Their ECO Stars rating reflected the high standards they have achieved, particularly an impressive fuel management programme. Annual driver assessments are supplemented with constant monitoring using in-cab telematics,which is reviewed on a weekly basis to make constant improvements. They have also invested in routing and scheduling software to minimise vehicle mileage.

Nigel Willott, National Transport Manager for DHL is pleased that their focus on fleet performance has been recognised but says they will continue to strive to make improvements, setting stretching annual targets ".

Michelle Thomas of B&Q said, " We are very proud to have been awarded the highest possible rating from the outset. With a fleet travelling in excess of 5 million miles per year, every step we can take to reduce our fuel consumption and emissions benefits the local community".

Hargreaves Transport5 stars

Hargreaves Transport is an Industrial transport company serving South Yorkshire locally with a fleet of 23 vehicles. They have achieved a Five Star rating.

Hastings Freight5 Stars

Hastings Freight

Hastings Freight has operated across South Yorkshire and Derbyshire for nearly 30 years, specialising in the worldwide distribution of palletised freight on a daily basis.

Projects Manager George Hewitt said, "We originally joined the ECO Stars Scheme back in 2009 as the second South Yorkshire member and were awarded a Four Star rating. With help from the scheme and the continual upgrading of our fleet, analysis of driver behaviour, monitoring of fuel consumption and on-going Driver training we are proud to have been awarded Five Star status in 2012. I would advise any fleet operator to consider becoming a member of the scheme, hopefully then we can all work together towards reducing the impact all fleet operators have on the environment."

Kier Building Maintenance5 Stars

Kier Building Maintenance

Kier Building Maintenance joined the ECO Stars scheme in October 2010, obtaining the maximum five star rating for its Kier Sheffield fleet of 471 vehicles. The company offers specialist skills to the social housing, public and private sectors and works in partnership with some of the largest local councils in the UK to provide repairs and a planned maintenance and adaptation service to thousands of homes and public buildings.

National Fleet Manager Paul Brown commented, "We joined the ECO Stars scheme because we are committed to our environmental policy and following best practice procedures to effectively manage the environmental impacts arising from our activities. The ECO Stars scheme recognises our high fleet efficiency standards and facilitates ongoing monitoring of our fleet performance."

Lafarge Tarmac5 stars

Lafarge Tarmac is a global aggregates and building materials company. They distribute via a number of suppliers and their direct fleet of 20 vehicles which has achieved a Five Star rating.

Martin-Brower UK Ltd5 stars

Martin Brower was founded in 1956 in the US and entered the UK market in 2012 through the acquisition of Keystone Foods distribution business. The business has a long standing logistics relationship with McDonald's, both in the UK and USA, along with other high street catering establishments. The company’s UK biodiesel fuel programme has significantly reduced their distribution carbon emissions and received industry recognition, winning "London Freight Operator of the Year" at the UK GreenFleet Awards in 2010 and the 2011 Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport UK Award for "Excellence in Environmental Improvement".

In partnership with McDonald's UK, they were awarded the "Low Carbon Efficiency Award" at the UK Motor Transport Awards 2012 for their reverse logistics initiatives. Martin Brower have also been awarded with a Five Star rating from the South Yorkshire ECO Stars scheme for their environmental and fuel efficient operational fleet practices.

Roger McDowell Haulage & Distribution Ltd5 stars

McDowell Distribution

Roger McDowell Transport began trading as a haulage company in 1976 with just one vehicle and is still family owned and run. The business has now grown into one of the North of England’s largest haulage, storage and distribution companies with a nationwide customer portfolio spanning the whole spectrum of industry. Clients include household names and blue chip companies.

Roger McDowell Transport has been awarded with Five Star recognition from the South Yorkshire ECO Stars for their environmental and fuel efficient operational fleet practices. The ECO Stars team were impressed by their approach to monitoring and managing underperforming drivers and vehicles to ensure their whole operation stays efficient with fuel use. This is backed up by a strong in-house driver training and route planning function.

Morrisons5 stars

Morrisons is the UK’s fourth largest food retailer with over 400 stores with nine million customers passing through their stores each week. Their fleet of 92 vehicles serving the South Yorkshire area has achieved a Five Star rating.

NFT Distribution5 stars

NFT Distribution is a market leader in chilled food distribution. Serving South Yorkshire from their depot in Alfreton, 52 vehicles have achieved an overall Five Star rating.

Next Distribution5 Stars

Next Distribution

Venturer Network Distribution manages the warehousing and distribution for the national high street brand Next. They represent a prime example of a local business using the ECO Stars scheme principles to lower harmful emissions and save money.

Ventura signed up 91 of their HGVs based in Manvers, Rotherham and were awarded a Five Star rating immediately. In 2007 they replaced 90% of their fleet with vehicles using the top performing Euro 5 Standard engines. After monitoring their CO2 and NOx emissions over the last three years, they have reduced mileage by 2.17% (646,110KMs), CO2 by 3.595 (779 tonnes) and NOx by a massive 40.9% (96 tonnes).

Tony Whitehouse, Fleet Engineer, said: “At the time there was no financial benefit for us to go straight to Euro 5, we chose these engines purely for environmental reasons. We also operate strict fuel management and driver development programmes with telematics systems. We can see live on the internet how well our drivers and vehicles are performing across the country. We’ve proved that operating a fleet of lorries need not generate lots of horrible pollution and I hope this will help change people’s negative perceptions of haulage.”

Norbert Dentressangle - Akzo Nobel contract5 stars

Akzo Nobel own the hugely successful Dulux paint brand, based at Selby, North Yorkshire. European logistics specialists Norbert Dentressangle distribute on behalf of the company. They serve South Yorkshire with a fleet of 28 vehicles, achieving a Five Star rating.

Norbert Dentressangle - Ardagh Glass contract5 stars

Ardagh Glass produce glass packaging and bottles and is based in Barnsley. Norbert Dentressangle handle their distribution with a fleet of 40 vehicles. They have been awarded a Five Star rating.

Polestar / Bedfords Transport5 Stars

Polestar / Bedfords Transport

Polestar is Europe’s largest independent printer with sites across the country. Their £100m purpose-built facility in Sheffield is the most advanced and competitive gravure plant in Europe. Bedfords Transport manages distribution on behalf of Polestar with a fleet of 68 vehicles, which have achieved a maximum Five Star rating. By signing up for the ECO Stars Scheme, Polestar and Bedfords have been acknowledged as companies that are committed to reducing harmful emissions. They have a full time ATS tyre fitter on site to monitor tyre policy and all trucks are fitted with air spoiler kits to lower the impact on the environment.

Dave Beckett, Transport Coordinator said: "We are so pleased to receive the maximum Five Star rating. Polestar and Bedfords have always been concerned about the environment and to maintain the highest standards, our new trucks conform to Euro standards."

Premdor / Norbert Dentressangle5 Stars

Premdor / Norbert Dentressangle

Premdor is a leading UK joinery manufacturer based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. The firm produces doors, windows and cubicles, and moves around 2 million doors across the country each year. Logistics company Norbert Dentressangle provides Premdor with UK mainland transport. They joined ECO Stars achieving a Five Star rating for their fleet of 13 LGV vehicles.

Premdor UK Logistics Manager Paul Conway is proud they are a Five Star member of the scheme,"Being involved in ECO Stars has helped us to consider local air quality issues and emissions reduction and gain recognition for the efficient way in which we run our fleet."

Sainsbury's5 Stars

J Sainsbury plc

High Street retailer Sainsbury's signed up 120 vehicles based at their Sherburn-in-Elmet depot near Leeds to ECO Stars receiving the maximum Five Star rating. Respect for the environment is a fundamental part of the Sainsbury's business strategy and decision-making process. One of the biggest environmental impacts for their logistics division is the movement of goods between Sainsbury's depots and stores. As a result, they continually focus on ways to reduce their emissions by being both more efficient in their operations and by trialling new technologies. Sainsbury's uses fuel champions on each of their sites to monitor fuel consumption and raise awareness of the importance of fuel as a precious resource within their operation. This includes a weekly and four weekly fuel report by vehicle, covering vehicle registration number, start and end kilometres, total kilometres and fuel litres used per kilometre for every vehicle.

Lynne Watson, Sherburn Depot General Manager said: "We always welcome the opportunity to learn from others and improve, and the ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme gives us the opportunity to have an external body to review the way we do things to help us to get even better. As a Five Star member from the off, we hope that the best practice we have demonstrated could be adopted by others on the scheme to help make their fleets more efficient too. We are proud of all the work that our colleagues have done in helping us to reduce our environmental impact and it is good to gain external recognition of this."

Symphony Group Plc5 stars

Symphony Group produces and fits bespoke kitchens. Based in Barnsley, their national distribution centre is home to a fleet of 74 vehicles which have achieved a Five Star rating.

Veolia Environmental Services5 Stars

Veolia Environmental Services

Veolia Environmental Services removes household waste and carries out recycling collections on behalf of Sheffield City Council. Their fleet of 90 vehicles achieved an overall rating of Four Stars.

They are committed to improving environmental performance on an ongoing basis by using fuel-efficient vehicles. To progress to the maximum Five Star rating, Veolia is following an ongoing vehicle replacement programme supported by driver training, fuel consumption monitoring and the ECO Stars roadmap - all aimed to improve air quality and reduce their carbon footprint.

Veolia's Fleet Manager Steve Fawley said, "Since the waste management contract was awarded to us in 2001, a staged fleet replacement programme has been implemented providing a cost effective, reliable service while taking advantage of the latest vehicle technology to reduce vehicle emissions. Our effective and efficient vehicle maintenance programme exceeds legal requirements and minimises the impact each vehicle has on the environment."

United Biscuits5 stars

United Biscuits is a national supplier of biscuits and snacks, operating in South Yorkshire from a base in the East Midlands. Their fleet of 33 vehicles based there achieved a Five Star rating.

Wincanton - Phillips 66 Contract5 stars

Based in Humberside in the UK, Phillips 66 produces petroleum products. Logistics specialists Wincanton are responsible for distribution across the UK, serving South Yorkshire with a fleet of 47 vehicles. They have achieved a Five Star rating.

Wincanton - Wavin Plastics Contract5 stars

Wavin Plastics is based in Doncaster and supplies plastic pipes across the UK. Logistics specialists Wincanton distribute on their behalf with a fleet of 22 vehicles, achieving a Five Star rating.

Scheme Members

Amey (Sheffield)4 Stars

Amey is a contractor for Sheffield City Council, running street cleaning operations. The fleet of 213 vehicles have been awarded a Four Star rating.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC)3 Stars

Barnsley MBC

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC) was the first public sector fleet to become ECO Stars members. They are ambassadors for the scheme and aim to set an excellent example to other operators. They entered the scheme with a three star rating with a mix of 232 vehicles comprising vans, tippers, refuse collection vehicles and minibuses. Barnsley MBC will be working together with the ECO Stars Team to progress further within the scheme by following a road map containing recommendations for further fleet replacement, changing older vehicles for newer, cleaner models.

David Curry, Fleet Manager of Barnsley MBC said: "Barnsley MBC has very effective fleet management policies and procedures in place and already has a fleet replacement programme, so the road map only needed to focus on encouraging further fleet replacement. We are happy to take the lead in the public sector and hope to encourage others to join up to a scheme that not only lowers harmful emissions, but saves each and every business that signs up money."

Canute4 Stars

Canute is a specialist logistics company - providing a comprehensive service to customers across the UK, including high street retailer Wilkinson. From Wilkinson's purpose built distribution centre in Worksop, a fleet of 84 vehicles operate nationwide. They have achieved a Four Star rating.

Carntyne Transport4 Stars

Historically dominant in alcoholic beverages, Carntyne Transport also focuses on other bulk markets such as food manufacturing, agricultural feeds, chemicals (hazardous & non hazardous) and packaging.  In 2012, Carntyne was named as the Scottish Haulage Company of the Year by Transport News.

Carntyne Transport plays a key role in the supply chain management of several major businesses and takes its environmental performance and responsibilities seriously. In line with the objectives of the ECO Stars scheme Carntyne has sought to excel with initiatives above and beyond existing legislation requirement involving fuel reduction, alternative power sources, reduced road miles and empty running. Environmental and efficient performance is recognised as affecting not only their own environmental commitments, but also an important part in helping customers to meet theirs.

Carntyne serves South Yorkshire with a fleet of 86 vehicles based in Scotland -which have achieved a strong Four Star rating. The ECO Stars team identified fuel efficiency as being at the heart of their vehicle maintenance regime and procurement along with a strong driver training programme in fuel efficient driving styles.

Managing Director David Paterson said "We are proud to be part of the ECO Stars recognition scheme and delighted that our hard work and commitment to the environment has been acknowledged in such a way. We would like to thank the ECO Stars team for their support and advice and look forward to working with them to ensure that we continue to make positive steps in reducing our impact on the environment".

Cemex3 Stars

Cemex is a global provider of building materials, based in Yorkshire. Their fleet of 22 vehicles has achieved a Three Star rating.

Cranleigh Freight Services4 Stars

Cranleigh Freight Services

Cranleigh Freight Services were one of South Yorkshire's original members when they joined the ECO Stars scheme in April 2009. They wanted to demonstrate their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and see what additional measures they could adopt to make further improvements. The ten vehicles that operated in South Yorkshire at that time received a 4 Star rating.

Based in Surrey, Cranleigh Freight Services offers a full range of transport services to Europe, nationwide UK pallet distribution and warehousing facilities. They also operate Direct Home Delivery, a 2-man, 'White Glove' service for the furniture, upholstery and the bedding market. Their European fleet operates between the UK and Western Europe - specialising in 'just in time' deliveries to and from Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands. These vehicles are fitted with "Fleetboard": an engine, driver and fuel management system and GPS tracker. This allows fleet managers to track each truck and specify more economic routes. Performance levels including fuel efficiency, heavy breaking, idling time and over-revving can be monitored closely. Cranleigh Freight Services is now investigating fitting a similar system to their UK & Direct Home Delivery fleets, to reduce driving miles through a strategic planning approach.

Will Porter, Transport Manager says, "We are mindful of our impact on the environment and always look to utilise the most efficient and environmentally conscious equipment and practices". He cites as an example how following a successful trial held during 2012 designed to improve 'mpg' Cranleigh Freight Services converted its whole fleet to Shell based lubricants. This resulted in an average improvement of 2%. Will continues, "In December 2012, we were the proud recipient of the first DAF XF Euro VI tractor unit to grace UK roads. We look forward to measuring the performance of this latest advancement in large diesel engines".

Jim Chappell, ECO Star Programme Manager said, "We think that Cranleigh Freight Services is the first ECO Stars member to operate a Euro VI vehicle, not only in South Yorkshire but all the other schemes. Following their total investment in vehicles, the ECO Stars team are reassessing their fleet with a view to gain a 5 Star rating in South Yorkshire and join other schemes in areas where they operate".

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council3 Stars

Doncaster MBC

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council joined 698 vehicles up to the ECO Stars Scheme and has received a 3 star rating. They have signed up a number of vehicles operated by the council including HGVs, LGVs, minibuses, coaches and cars.

By signing up for the ECO Stars Scheme, it shows Doncaster MBC are committed to playing its part in reducing its carbon footprint and being a leader that others will be encouraged to follow.

Ken Barrett, Transport Operator at Doncaster MBC, comments: “We are pleased with the rating, but intend to improve this by installing tracking on all vehicles which will reduce fuel usage. We will also be addressing various driving skills within the fleet. We are keen to reduce our carbon footprint and intend to make caring for the environment a priority and show this through sourcing new vehicles to the latest Euro specifications.”

eco-Link Logistics Ltd3 Stars

eco-Link Logistics is an eco courier company based in Leeds offering an environmentally friendly delivery service using three energy efficient Smart cars.They have achieved a Three Star rating.

First South Yorkshire3 Stars

First South Yorkshire

First in South Yorkshire has signed nearly 500 buses up to the ECO Stars Scheme and received a Three Star rating. With over 60 million passenger journeys across South Yorkshire per year, First takes their environmental responsibilities very seriously. They were one of the first public transport companies in the country to achieve the internationally renowned ISO 14001 environmental standards for which they have recently achieved the three year accreditation.

In South Yorkshire they aim to promote good environmental management and share good practice to improve staff awareness. All buses in South Yorkshire have been fitted with Drive Green technology. This equipment picks up on acceleration and breaking patterns as well as corner, lane and speed handling. A ‘traffic light’ LED monitor on vehicle dashboards flashes green if the driver is driving correctly, or amber or red if a bus driver carries out an unwanted driving manoeuvre, such as heavy breaking or acceleration.

The driver can then make immediate changes to their driving to ensure buses travel more efficiently to produce fewer CO2 emissions, as well as travelling more smoothly to improve the journey experience for passengers.

Jon Eardley, Engineering Director at First South Yorkshire, said: "First has a unique opportunity to improve the environment in which we live and work by helping to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution and conserve scarce resources by offering a real, viable alternative to the car.

"The strategy of good environmental management has led to a number of important business improvements. The company remains committed to building upon this continued success and by using environmental initiatives such as Drive Green, will see continuous improvement for the future."

Fosters Bakery3 Stars

Fosters Bakery supplies national coffee shop chains with pastries and baked goods. Based in Barnsley, their fleet of 18 vehicles has achieved a Three Star rating.

Freightlink Europe LLP2 Stars

Freightlink Europe is a freight, distribution and driver training company based in Bradford. Their fleet of 15 vehicles has achieved a Two Star rating.

J.G. Pears (Newark) Ltd4 Stars

JG Pears specialises in rendering animal by-products and manufacturing animal feeds and tallow, which is used in the chemical industry and as a fuel. Based near Sheffield, their fleet of 28 vehicles is very modern which has led to them being awarded a Four Star rating.

Group Logistics Manager, Andy Bostock said, "Reducing our impact on the environment is an important part of what we do at J G Pears; we strive to do what is right for the business and the environment. ECO Stars appealed to us because it allows us to demonstrate what we are doing locally and regionally in our transport operations to support this aim. Whilst we have invested a lot in our operation to be more efficient and more sustainable there are always areas for improvement and ECO Stars has helped us to identify where we need to focus our efforts going forward."

Meadowside Couriers4 Stars

Meadowside Couriers is based in Staffordshire with one vehicle serving South Yorkshire, which has achieved a Four Star rating.

Menzies Distribution Ltd3 Stars

Menzies Distribution Ltd

Menzies Distribution is a leading provider of distribution and marketing services to the newspaper and magazine industry in the UK. Part of the John Menzies Group, the business delivers 7.1 million newspaper and magazines to 29,000 retailers across the UK and Ireland, covering a daily total of 123,000 miles on around 2,000 set delivery routes. Their overall fleet comprises 550 commercial vehicles of which 300 are light commercial vehicles.

From their depots serving South Yorkshire, they operate 24 vehicles which have been awarded a Three Star rating. The company has been reducing its carbon emissions for a number of years and in 2011 reached their ambitious target of reducing emissions on a like-for-like basis by 30% in ten years. They also achieved the Carbon Trust Standard in 2009, a mark of excellence that was renewed last year as a result of its on-going commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Menzies Distribution’s Transport and Logistics Manager Allan Hughes said: "We have worked with a number of different groups to achieve our targets on carbon reduction and we are delighted to have joined ECO Stars both in South Yorkshire and Edinburgh. We will continue to work closely with both teams to ensure our operations are as efficient as possible."

Morphy Richards3 Stars

Morphy Richards is a well-know brand in the small electrical goos market - based in Rotherham, they have achieved a Three Star rating for their fleet of five vehicles.

Professional Response Ltd 4 Stars

Professional Response

Sheffield Courier Company, Professional Response (Sheffield) Ltd offers an express dedicated delivery service designed with reliability, cost and clients' presentation in mind. Professional Response Ltd covers every eventuality from a small envelope to a 7.5 tonne vehicle in the UK, Eire and Europe. They have a bespoke storage and distribution service which offers a dedicated service tailored to each company's specific needs.

Gill Milroy, Professional Response Ltd said, "We are a thriving and growing Yorkshire based Company who have over 25 years’ experience in the courier and express distribution markets. Professional Response Ltd is proud to be part of the ECO Stars Scheme and actively work within the guidelines to maximise our efficiency."

REACT Transport4 Stars

Information coming soon.

Red Line Buses1 Star

Red Line Buses

Red Line Buses, a Barnsley-based bus operator, joined the ECO Stars scheme as a 1 star member registering 5 buses. Red Line Buses have a fleet made up of 80% low floor and Euro II and Euro III vehicles.

Owner Sean McDermott said, "Through the ECO Stars scheme we have had our bus fleet and operations evaluated and benchmarked helping us to turn efficient 'green logistics' into a reality. The scheme is also a good way to increase awareness among passengers about our efforts to improve our fleet and minimise our impact on the environment."

Russell Richardson & Sons Ltd 3 Stars

Russell Richardson & Sons

Russell Richardson & Sons have signed up 5 vehicles to the ECO Stars Fleet Recognition scheme. They have received a 3 star rating for their fleet of mostly Euro IV vehicles.

Jonathan Richardson, Managing Director at Russell Richardson & Sons, said “Joining the ECO Stars scheme demonstrates to customers our efforts to reduce emissions and improve our sustainability. The scheme has offered us an individually tailored road map that focuses on the fuel consumption and the CO2 emissions of our vehicles.”

Rotherham Community Transport2 Stars

Rotherham Community Transport serves residents across the Rotherham Council area providing a number of vital services. Their fleet of 29 vehicles has been awarded with Two Stars.

Shaw's of Whitley2 Stars

Shaw's of Whitley is a family run coach firm offering tours, day trips, holidays and coach hire . Based in North Yorkshire, their five coaches have received an overall Two Star rating.

Sheffield City Council3 Stars

Sheffield City Council

Sheffield City Council has signed up 755 fleet vehicles to the ECO Stars Scheme and has achieved a three star rating for operational and environmental performance. Sheffield City Council’s fleet was praised by the ECO Stars Team for their operational efficiency and best practice in key aspects of fleet management.

Neil Dawson, Sheffield City Council Fleet Manager, said: “We are very happy to be members of the ECO Stars Scheme and aim to improve the efficiency of our vehicles to lower the impact on the environment. The fleet’s management will now be looking at recommendations around vehicle replacement policy to increase the number of newer, cleaner vehicles in place of the older ones.”

Sheffield Community Transport3 Stars

Sheffield Community Transport serves residents across the Sheffield and Barnsley areas providing a number of vital services. Their fleet of 62 vehicles has been awarded with a Three Star rating.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals2 Stars

NHS Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals joined the ECO Stars Fleet Recognition scheme in September 2010. Registering 36 light commercial vehicles, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals has gained a 2 star rating.

Simon Thurman of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals said, “We are pleased to be part of the ECO Stars scheme because it shows we are committed to becoming a more sustainable Trust and with it reducing our carbon footprint and its impact on climate change. ECO Stars provides us with a road map so we can continually improve our fleet efficiency and star rating as well as cutting emissions to help local air quality.”

Stagecoach Yorkshire3 Stars

Stagecoach Yorkshire

Bus and coach operator Stagecoach, working within the Rotherham area, joined the ECO Stars Scheme in June. Stagecoach signed up 295 buses and coaches to the scheme and have been awarded a three star rating for their performance. They will now be working with the ECO Stars Team to improve further.

By offering a tailor-made 'Road Map' to help companies progress to the desired five star rating for maximum operational and environmental performance, it is no surprise that both small independent operators and big names such as Stagecoach have signed up to become ECO Stars members.

Paul Lynch, Managing Director of Stagecoach, comments: “The three star rating is recognition for our commitment to improving the efficiency of vehicles, reducing fuel consumption and reducing emissions, all helping to improve air quality. We also hope to set an example to local organisations and highlight to others the importance of investing in lower polluting vehicles.”

Wyatt Coaches2 Stars

Wyatt Coaches is a small family run business offering mini-coaches for hire based in Barnsley. Their eight vehicles have achieved a Two Star rating.

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The scheme is open to operators of all types of commercial vehicles (LGV, HGV, buses and coaches), across all sectors of activity and all sizes.

Membership is open to operators based within and outside South Yorkshire whose vehicles spend a significant amount of time operating in the region.